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I love everything you've ever produced

Best artist EVER!

ARrrrg he's after me booty...

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Enjoyable piece, along with others

I've been looking around at some of your stuff, and i really like your style of animating and how you time everything to be just so. that alone gets you eight stars, and an additional one for your good artistic skills :p

5/5 for the other vote though.

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caN'T go to bED HAVE to geT ON A GOod schedUAl....


fuckin burritos...

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I've barely played thus far, but....

This is a really good game. I've played all of your games, and when I saw that epic battle fantasy 3 was out, i immediatly clicked. I'm thoroughly impressed. The first 2 were great, but this not only 1UPs them, but goes as far as to 3UP them!

not to belittle your previous works. Each have their own merits!

Keep developing man, this is amazing stuff!

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I could see a game with gameplay like this...

Being easily sold en masse in some pockets of gamers. Excellent game, though I was a little annoyed at how there was a teeny bit of a story. Personally I like a complete story, or none at all. I would give this game a 10/10 if it weren't for the story thing.

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Deadmau5 much?

I see what you did, and I enjoyed it. Enjoy your kudos :D

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scottwjsm responds:

i didnt use deadmou5 samples


Thus far this is my favorite of your songs ^_^

If you don't mind too terribly, would you mind if I used this song in my groups game (it's not flash, we plan to make it a console game)?

If so please be aware that we aren't a professional game development group and all that. But we would put you in the credits, either by your username, Real name, or whatever else you'd want us to credit you as.

Thanks and be well ^_^

CassuTronic responds:

no not a problem at all and you can put me as the DJ name CassuTronic :D and a hint of the game would be nice ^^

Very impressive!

I like this very much, but i've a question: Have you decided what kind of techno your going to make?

cause if so awesome, I could listen to more stuff like this any day!

My only piece of critique would be the lead never changed. if there were lyrics i wouldn't have minded, but in this case the lead should have at least been dropped for a few measures to get rid of any sense of repetition.

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I like This very muchs...

excuse the poor grammar, i don't feel like thinking, but I really enjoyed the humor. It's been a while since I've read/heard humor in that style.

Sorrygirl99 responds:

thanks~ that means a lot to me
enven though you dont feel like thinking

Wow This is really good.

I wish I could draw stuff this well, but oh wells. Keep at it!!

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